Town of Grottoes hosts 13th Annual Push, Pedal and Pull Parade

GROTTOES, Va. (WHSV) – The town of Grottoes hosted its 13th annual July 4th Push, Pedal and Pull Parade on Saturday, giving the town’s children and their families a chance to show off their patriotism.

The parade was started 13 years ago by a local boy scout troop who wanted to organize a 4th of July event for the townspeople. The event has become a tradition for families in Grottoes, and event organizer Beth Raynes, who led the Boy Scout troop, says these girls have grown up and some are bringing their own children to participate in the event. ‘event.

This year’s event was the most attended in its 13-year history, and Raynes says she believes it offers a chance for local children to learn and enjoy patriotism. “It’s something to get the kids excited, it’s July 4th for all of us and we have to teach kids to be patriotic and love to go out and show their patriotism,” Raynes said.

She says the feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive and the kids love to go out of their way with their decorations and outfits. The event usually takes place on the fourth, but has been moved to the third this year since the fourth fell on a Sunday. The city hopes to continue hosting the event for years to come.

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