The juniors shine at the Nordhausen SUP Race


NORDHAUSEN, Germany – There was quite a bit of pressure to return to Germany for EuroTour this year and stopping No.6 in Nordhausen and the 5th Grand Slam of the season did not disappoint. This sleepy little town in central Germany really came to life over the weekend and we’ve seen the biggest turnout so far this season, with 12 nations and the biggest kids / juniors in the world. ‘Euro Tour 2021.

Photo by Euro Tour / @ pen.ney

On the women’s side, it is again Esperanza Barreras who wins for the third time this season. Esperanza is clearly showing his intentions for the overall title this season. In second place, Natalia Novitskaia was the only one to approach the champion and showed that in calm water she was a serious contender for victory. Fresh from her national crown last weekend, the talented Petronella Van Malsen has always looked solid in 3rd place. Behind his young Anais Guyomarch came in 4th place followed closely in 5th by Tanja Ecker. Additionally, a special mention goes to local heroine Susanne Lier who placed 6th after playing the role of host / runner all week in her hometown event.

Top 10 women:

  1. Esperanza Barreras
  2. Natalia Novitskaya
  3. Petronella van malsen
  4. Anaïs Guyomarch
  5. Tanja Ecker
  6. Susanne Lier
  7. Iva Dundova
  8. Susanne Meyer
  9. Anne de Boer
  10. Michala Hendrichova

Nordhausen SUP Race 2021 menPhoto by Euro Tour / @ pen.ney

On the men’s side, the race had a name all along, and it was Normen Weber. Norman had the best use of the superlap option, and in the first round when the first eight competitors were all together in a group and two of them broke up; he sprinted quietly down the right side and left everyone behind to pull a gap to the finish line.

The Dutch duo formed by Joep Van Bakel & Donato Freens made the most of their breakaway and finished 2nd and 3rd in a well-played race. Behind them, the hunting group formed by Claudio Nika and Ethan Bry finished 4th and 5th; with an impressive performance by Peter Weidert just seconds from 6th.

The 10 best men:

  1. Norman Weber
  2. Joep Van Bakel
  3. Donato Freens
  4. Claudio Nika
  5. Ethan Bry
  6. Peter Weidert
  7. Martin teichmann
  8. Maui sach
  9. Ondras Petrak
  10. Ole Schwarz
Nordhausen SUP Race 2021 juniors 2 Nordhausen SUP Race 2021 juniors

Photos by Euro Tour / @ pen.ney

With many juniors turning heads at the main event in the morning, the afternoon kids’ race was the highlight of the day. The youngest competitor in the event was only 2 years old (paddled with mum of course). And we had impressive battles between 5 years which showed that Germany has a bright future ahead of it. The day was easily theirs, and everyone was a winner.

Junior racing girls

  1. Skadi Langbein
  2. Josephine Karst
  3. Annalyn gawor

Kids Running Girls

  1. Johanna ohnesieger
  2. Selin caliskan
  3. Victoria hoppe

Junior running boys

  1. Lasse Sauerteig
  2. Tristan De Klerk
  3. Marlon Daskiran
  4. Cedric Fahlbusch
  5. Kai carstens
  6. Benyam bossack
  7. Sébastien Loose
  8. Lars honscha
  9. Until Indulak

Kids running boys

  1. Lars honscha
  2. Mylo van Bakel
  3. Until Indulak
  4. Cedric Fahlbusch
  5. Tije van Bakel
  6. Dylan bossack
  7. Jule dinkelmeyer
  8. Lukas steinwagner

Nordhausen SUP Race 2021 one class

Nordhausen SUP Race 2021 a class 1 Nordhausen SUP Race 2021 a class 2

Photos by Euro Tour / @ pen.ney

Right after the kids’ race we had the SIC Maui One Design race, which saw the sprinting action to the delight of the competitors. The concept of all riders using the same board, and Kids, Pros and Amateurs mingle on a tight course to the delight of spectators.

Full results of the event HERE.


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