Pondicherry: Congress suspends workers who heckled Dinesh Gundu Rao in factional clash

After engaging in a fight with top Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao in Pondicherry, five party workers were suspended in disciplinary action on Sunday 21 August.

On the day Congress leader Anand Sharma resigned from the Himachal Congress steering committee, the party also experienced an embarrassing turn of events outside its Pondicherry headquarters, where two factions of the Pondicherry Congress clashed over a faction demanding a change of party chairman in the Union Territory.

As Dinesh Gundu Rao approached the party office in his car, the splinter party faction started raising questions regarding their demand for a new party chairman and heckled the main leader. The executives even attempted to stop his vehicle, demanding a response from the congressional high command.

Reason for impeachment request of current party chairman in Pondicherry

The Congress party in Pondicherry is currently believed to be split into two factions – one under former chief minister Narayanaswamy, the current party chairman Subramanian and the other under former ministers Kandasamy, Shahjahan and others.

The splinter faction, under the leadership of former Kandasamy ministers, Shahjahan is demanding to overthrow the current party chairman, Subramanian, to determine responsibility for the dismal performance of Congress in the 2021 elections. Importantly, the other faction has gathered his support around former Chief Minister Narayanaswamy and Subramanian.

(Picture: Republicworld)