Italian Exhibition Group will tackle the challenges of green energy at the Ecomondo conference


The Italian Exhibition Group will organize the 24th edition of the Ecomondo conference and exhibition and the 14th edition of Key Energy from October 26 to 29 at the Rimini exhibition center in Italy.

Corrado Peraboni, CEO of the Italian Exhibition Group, said that these two fairs are pioneers of the green economy and renewable energies in the Euro-Mediterranean basin, showcasing products and proposing project solutions to overcome the global green challenges facing each country is invited, in particular those of the African and European continent.

Alessandra Astolfi, director of the Green and Technological Fair of the Italian group of exhibitions, added that African embassies will be represented in the fairs to be held, including, for example, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia , Rwanda and Kenya, in addition to companies, associations and institutions.

It is planned to organize in-depth meetings and discussions with participants from African and European countries on the sidelines of the conference, to strengthen their expertise, develop networks and finalize trade agreements.

Participants in the 2021 edition of Ecomundo and Key Energy are expecting many discussions and discussions on renewable energies, the green economy and ways to cooperate to achieve carbon neutrality.

The two exhibitions also feature 150 seminars and panels moderated by Professor Fabio Fava and Gianni Silvestrini on behalf of the chairmen of their scientific and technical committees.

The main theme includes a plastic-free Mediterranean basin, with the participation of the European Commission. The event will present strategies for the production and recycling of plastic for a clean sea and the restoration of degraded ecosystems and habitats.

Other events will address the circular bioeconomy proposed by the Food and Soil Health Mission Council to ensure that 75% of soils are healthy by 2030, while workshops on plastic waste diversion will highlight the opportunities for waste management systems. pyrolysis as well as the legal obstacles that still hamper them. types of technologies.

The inaugural conference is expected to attend a presentation of Italy’s experience in national recovery and resilience, on policies to encourage energy transition and the assessment of their impact, while the African Green event Growth will directly include institutional representatives and African associations from Kenya and Rwanda, in addition to Italian companies in Africa and South Africa. Sahara Desert, and will highlight the future role of wind energy in the energy mix of the African continent.

European institutions and associations will meet Italian interlocutors to determine the best strategy for achieving the Green Deal.

It should be noted that this year the Ecomondo and K-Energy conference and exhibition will attend the presence of an environmental car exhibition organized by the Italian group of exhibitions in partnership with the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry , which will present a full range of cars and equipment for urban hygiene, street cleaning, collection and transport of solid and liquid waste.


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