Imugene Ltd Presents HER-Vaxx Cancer Immunotherapy Program at ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer 2021 Annual Meeting


Imugene is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company developing a range of new and innovative immunotherapies that aim to activate the immune systems of cancer patients to treat and eradicate tumors.

() () presented its HER-Vaxx cancer immunotherapy program at the annual meeting of the ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer 2021.

The abstract presentation was titled “Hérizon: Open-label Phase 1B / 2 Study of IMU-131 Her2 / NEU Peptide Vaccine Plus Standard Care Chemotherapy with Phase 2 Randomization in Patients With Adenocarcinoma of the Stomach Overexpressing Her2 / NEU overexpressing metastatic or advanced. of the gastroesophageal junction “updated interim analytical results”.

This presentation extended on the interim assay data presented previously at AACR2021 and demonstrated that HER-Vaxx can provide therapeutic benefits consistent with traditional monoclonal antibodies with a corresponding adaptive immune response without added toxicity.

Highlights of the presentation

ESMO’s presentation highlights and presents the following new data:

  • Treatment with HER-Vaxx resulted in an overall response rate (ORR) of 50% versus 29% in patients treated with chemotherapy alone. ORR measures the percentage of patients who responded to treatment with a partial response (PR) or better;
  • Treatment with HER-Vaxx clearly demonstrates that patients develop high levels of specific HER2 antibodies at the start of the treatment regimen and are maintained through the treatment and maintenance phase with only a few booster injections;
  • The tumor response correlates with the amount of antibody levels. Patients with antibody levels greater than 1050 ng / ml received tumor reduction greater than 50% and may serve as a potential biomarker; and
  • Unlike patients on chemotherapy alone, the reduction in tumor size is considerably greater in patients who received HER-Vaxx + chemotherapy.

Cancer immunotherapy activating B lymphocytes

Imugene HER-Vaxx is a B-cell activating cancer immunotherapy designed to treat tumors that overexpress the HER-2 / neu receptor, such as cancers of the stomach, breast, ovary, lung and breast. pancreas.

Immunotherapy is constructed from several B cell epitopes derived from the extracellular domain of HER2 / neu.

It has been shown in preclinical studies and in phase 1 and 2 studies to stimulate a potent polyclonal antibody response to HER-2 / neu, a well-known and validated cancer target.


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