Experts give advice on avoiding events that turn out to be scams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – While Nashville is no stranger to fun events, unfortunately over the years some of them have turned out to be ripoffs.

Imagine seeing many of your favorite foods in one place. Festival goer Karen Kopp was excited to attend an upcoming mac and cheese festival.

“I just remember seeing it and being really excited and I immediately texted my friend and told him we had to go,” Kopp said.

But the June 4 event has been pushed back more than a year with seemingly no explanation.

“We sent several emails and received nothing, no phone number,” Kopp said.

It’s a situation many have seen more often with events such as a Walking Dead fan conference, a crazy daisy bazaar, and a Dino hike. All canceled, postponed or turned out to be scams leaving ticket holders in a bind.

Jack Davis, the founder of Good Neighbor Festivals, said people should always do their research.

Experts said people shouldn’t buy tickets directly from social media and should go to the website. Once there, they should research a refund policy and reviews online to see if the company hosting the event is local.

“I would always like more information than less,” Davis said. “I would always also say that if an event is produced locally, you’ll be able to find someone much easier than you would with an outside producer.”

And when it comes to getting a refund, Davis said how you buy tickets matters.

“You can always dispute the charge with your credit card company,” Davis said. “You can also go back to the box office and sometimes they can issue the event a refund although the event organizer doesn’t”

As for Kopp, rather than wait a year, she said she just wanted her money back.

“Right now, with inflation, everything is expensive, so I really have to choose what I can spend my money on for extracurricular activities,” Kopp said.

WSMV has verified if this mac and cheese festival is legit and it’s according to First Horizon Park, where the event is supposed to take place. However, WSMV has not been told why the event has been pushed back.