D-Link Unveils Latest Connectivity Innovations at Mobile World Congress 2021


June 2021: D-Link, a global leader in networking technologies, to unveil its latest networking technologies designed for corporate 5G private networks, cloud-managed campus networks, on-premises SMB networks and home networks smart phones at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Around the world, the pandemic and the continued ‘stay at home culture’ have resulted in a natural reliance on technology and connection, and created an overwhelming increase in the decentralized workforce. Business owners have had to come to terms with the impact this will have on the future of work, reassess their existing network infrastructure, and adapt to workplace decentralization by leveraging new technologies to help them optimize performance. efficiency and productivity.

In addition, the new global mobile workforce also demands advanced technologies to enable remote working. With that in mind, the latest 5G private network solutions, Nuclias Connect, Nuclias Cloud and Smart Home from D-Link are uniquely designed to support this new era of connectivity.

5G private networks
Traditional fixed broadband can be expensive and difficult to implement for large businesses, especially in suburban or rural areas. 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provides the high bandwidth, low latency connection businesses need to operate remotely at a lower cost to Internet service providers. At MWC, D-Link will showcase its latest technologies for corporate 5G private networks, including a new 5G gateway that offers robust security and high reliability to meet critical wireless communication requirements for industrial applications.

Nuclias Connect
D-Link’s on-premises network management is private, highly secure, and integrates with the company’s existing IT infrastructure to enable comprehensive management and monitoring. With Nuclias Connect and its wide range of compatible devices, including Wi-Fi 6 access points, smart switches and a new network controller hub, SMBs with remote sites can create and manage the surveillance network they use. need to optimize their productivity. In addition, to better support new working methods, Nuclias Connect is also fully equipped with high scalability, easy multi-site management and advanced analytics.

Nuclias cloud
Businesses continue to face new challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, including budget constraints, lack of IT resources, inadequate network security, and declining productivity. With these hurdles in mind, Nuclias Cloud offers a cost-effective solution that combats them head-on and makes it possible to quickly deploy and maintain managed networks in the cloud, minimizing costs and optimizing resources. Nuclias Cloud provides secure access to the corporate network, unlimited scalability, contactless deployment, as well as role and privilege based access control. D-Link will showcase new and improved features and compatible devices, such as Wi-Fi 6 hotspots and a new cloud-managed SD-WAN gateway.

Smart home
The demand for faster, higher capacity connectivity has grown exponentially around the world as bandwidth-intensive applications become more prevalent in the home. D-Link’s line of smart home solutions leverage cutting-edge AI, Wi-Fi 6, 5G and Mesh technologies to deliver the speed and powerful capabilities that standard wired broadband connections cannot. At MWC, D-Link will showcase the latest smart surveillance cameras, a Wi-Fi 6 USB adapter, the AI ​​series and the new 5G / LTE outdoor CPE.


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