COVID cases in France increasing at unprecedented rate: Minister of Health


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French Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Tuesday that the delta mutation is increasing new COVID-19 infections at an unprecedented rate after 18,000 cases were reported in the past 24 hours.

Speaking to Congress, referring to the latest figures, Belan said: “This means the spread of the virus has increased by about 150% last week, which I have never seen in COVID. [the original form], Neither a British variant, nor a South African or Brazilian variant. “

The level of infection is the highest since mid-May, when the country emerged from its third national blockade.

France is preparing for the fourth wave of infection due to the spread of the Delta subspecies and is competing to vaccinate as many people as possible.

addressing vaccine Skeptics say the new numbers are “not a time of suspicion or hesitation,” and obtaining herd immunity with advanced vaccination is “the only way to get rid of COVID completely.” It was. .. “

Congress will discuss a series of controversial new rules aimed at putting pressure on millions of vaccinated people to get vaccinated because only 45% of the population is fully vaccinated. So he was talking.

Those who want to eat out, go to the movies, or take a long-distance train under a bill that will be passed in the coming days must get vaccinated or have a negative COVID test. ..

And from September, vaccinations will be mandatory for healthcare workers and nursing homes.

The announcement of Macron’s response this month sparked a vaccination battle in a country that was one of the world’s most timid about vaccines at the start of the pandemic.

MP is threatened with murder

But it also provoked a backlash, with more than 100,000 people demonstrating across the country on Saturday against what they called the national vaccine “dictatorship”.

Two vaccination centers were destroyed last week in a sign of passion unleashed by the action, and members of the Mobile Party of the Republic of Macron were targeted by Vitriol. Social media..

The Paris prosecutor’s office said it was investigating on Tuesday Death threat He was received by several lawmakers who supported the new rules.

Patricia Mirallès, moving Republican deputy representing elected officials from the south of Hérault, including the city of Montpellier, broadcast a message that she received according to which she would threaten pre-vaccinated deputies with “real bullets”.

On Friday, twelve anti-vaccine protesters attacked the constituent offices of President of Parliament Richard Ferrand in the western region of Brittany without any damage.

Home Secretary Gerald Dharmanin ordered police to tighten security around parliamentarians’ homes and constituency offices.

France warns that a fourth wave of the virus could strike by the end of July

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COVID cases in France increasing at unprecedented rate: Minister of Health COVID cases in France increasing at unprecedented rate: Minister of Health


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