10th Global Blockchain Congress by Agora Group on November 23 and 24 in Dubai

The 10th edition of the world famous flagship World Blockchain Congress by Agora Group takes place on November 23 and 24, 2022 in Dubai.

The main themes of this edition are: the regulation of digital assets in the GCC, Web3 platforms, the metaverse, games and NFTs. With a nice line-up of promised speakers.

The conference agenda will focus on the future development of digital assets and their effect on the GCC due to regulation. This will be discussed by regulators in the region in a panel to establish the legal framework for digital assets. Also the effect of NFTs on games and how artificial intelligence will help the growth of NFTs.

The Global Blockchain Congress will bring together over 60 speakers, 150 investors, 30 sponsors, 20 media partners and over 300 delegates.

The event is an exclusive, closed-door congress that can be attended by invitation only. Agora will welcome more than 150 investors and 30 sponsors (Metaverse, Gaming, NFTs and DeFi projects seeking to raise funds).

The last nine editions of the Global Blockchain Congress in the United Arab Emirates and the first in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) have been a huge success as we were able to welcome more than 1000 investors and more than 250 blockchain startups and raise millions of funds for our participating projects. .

“Our experience with Agora has been exceptional. Every promise has been exceeded, every opportunity to engage with the right funds has been exploited. But the real key was that everything was so well organized. Having participated in so many of these events, I have never had such a high success rate! Of the 22 funds we spoke to, we had 20 with a good fit. The dinner was a success and the time we spent in the Cleopatra suite will create lasting relationships,” said Jay Moore, Prasaga – co-founder and director of the collaboration.